Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cox's Bazar Life Saving and Surf Club

When the summer monsoon reaches the Bay of Bengal, the surf rises on the world’s longest natural continuous sea beach, the 120km stretch south of Cox’s Bazar to the Myanmar border.
Surfing at Cox's Bazar
With surfers last year from Australia, USA, Japan, Taiwan and UK, amongst the 400 visiting surf riders, it’s becoming one of Asia’s hottest new spots.
Members of the Cox's Bazar Life Saving and Surfing Club
The Cox’s Bazar Lifesaving and Surf Club brings both youth and enthusiasm to the enjoyment of the waters that, in winter, are ideal for wind and kite boarding as well.
Cox's Bazar Life Saving and Surfing Club
Linked to an Australian partner, the Club is planning to develop surf side facilities to accommodate a Centre for both water sports and lifesaving.
Most of the members come from the fishing community of Batar Charia, and many have lost family members who fish the waters for a living.
One of the most underexploited, incredibly beautiful beaches in the world, there’s possibly nowhere else in the world where you can surf with newly empowered young people...the National champion is 15 years old!..who are building their future through surfing.